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May 13, 2015

Do snowmen have fully functional skeletal systems?  Can Ringo Starr really be considered a celebrity, I mean really?  Is there such a thing as an enjoyable Rob Schneider movie?  Join us as we search for the answers to these and many more of life's mysteries!  Furthermore, Kalen regales us with tales of his (mis)adventures at Nintendo HQ, Mitch listens to three idiots attempt to review the latest Marvel blockbuster, Tindle ruins her own joke by being unable to pronounce the word venoumous, and Devon shares with us his current events (which are neither current nor really all that eventual).  All this and much, much more on this week's spooky, sexy episode of Talkin' Chat!

Questions?  Concerns?  Words of advice?  Threats of bodily harm?  Send 'em our way!  Contact us at and as always, thanks for listening and we deeply apologize for any temporary and/or permanent harm listening to this podcast might have cause you, your loved ones or any and all surrounding animals.