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Jan 28, 2019

The components of this episode include: Louis louisens to stuff, Temp updates something, and Tracy Tindle talks and chats.


Jan 23, 2019

Contents of this episode may include: Kalen visiting a small town, Temp's "Sports" update, and a hypothetical belly button that looks and talks like Gary Busey.


Jan 15, 2019

On this episode: Billy and Davey share their resolutions, The Starchild highkicks some listeners' supernatural problems, the panel invents new holidays, and so much more.


Jan 3, 2019

Get a taste of what's available on LongBall's Patreon page.

This is "Patreon Gift Bag A" and it contains:

Anvilicious: Family Ties featuring Mitch, Rose, Tom, and Jon discussing the very special episode "Uncle Ned" featuring Tom Hanks. So special!

Giant-Sized Get to Know Your LongBallers: Tracy featuring Mitch & Jon...